A Hollywood smile

A Hollywood Smile

Ever looked at A-lister celebrities’ teeth and wondered how they are so perfectly aligned and beautifully bright? It is most likely that they have veneers. Veneers are wafer thin moulds of dental material (most commonly porcelain) that are placed over the top of your teeth’s surface. If you’ve been looking for a dentist to consult on teeth veneers, look no further. Crestmead Dental can provide you with a consultation and health information regarding veneers and oral health.



Many people choose to get veneers to help correct aesthetic differences in their teeth. Veneers can help to correct aesthetic issues such as the shape, size, and colour of teeth.

In some cases, veneers can be the better solution over other cosmetic dental options. For example, yellowing teeth is a common issue that occurs naturally over time or due to medical treatments/ particular medications. In some cases, veneers may be a better course of treatment than traditional teeth whitening. Or with teeth grinding veneers can help to restore the cosmetic appearance of the teeth as well as reduce your sensitivity to hot and cold food or drinks.

If you’re wanting teeth veneers Logan, trust in our experienced dentists. Your veneers can be adjusted to your preference and can be made to look very natural. Your dentist can essentially make a “your teeth but better” version of your smile with veneers.



Why should you trust Crestmead Dental for your teeth veneers Logan? Our team of professional dentists have the expertise to craft your perfect “Hollywood smile”. We pride ourselves of providing gentle and friendly service and can cater to those who may feel a bit anxious about going to the dentist with measures such as “happy gas” and IV sedation if required. Our dental care facility is modern with state-of-the-art equipment and we take patient safety seriously with up-to-date sterilisation of our equipment and facility. To book a consultation appointment or for further questions about teeth veneers in the local community in Logan, call us today.


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