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At Crestmead Dental we are pleased to announce that we have chosen to BULK BILL all CDBS eligible children.

What is the CDBS (Child Dental Benefit’s Schedule)?
The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a child dental care benefits program to ensure oral health. It gives each eligible child up to $1013 worth of general dental treatment over 2 consecutive calendar years. CDBS covers:

  • dental health check ups
  • x-rays
  • preventative fissure seals
  • fillings
  • dental extractions

For more information please visit http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/medicare/child-dental-benefits-schedule

Is your child eligible?
To be eligible, a child must be:

  • children aged between 2 and 17 for at least 1 day of the calendar year
  • part of a family that receives Family Tax Benefit Part A or the child receives an Australian Government payment from the following list at www.humanservices.gov.au/childdental

Alternatively to find out if your child is eligible for public dental CDBS health services you can call Medicare on 132 011 or fill out the Medicare Dental Scheme form and one of our friendly staff members will call you back!

Making an appointment with CDBS?
Let us know you plan to use the CDBS scheme when making your appointment.  We will then check your eligibility and will get the appropriate forms ready for you to sign upon arrival. Please ensure you bring your Medicare card to your appointment.

What happens if I can’t make my appointment?
Please give us at least 24 hours notice if you can not make it to your scheduled appointment.  We may not be able to see you, if you repeatedly fail to attend without giving appropriate notice.

Medicare Dental Scheme

Fill this form out to see if your child is eligible and we will get back to you!


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Dr Henry Wong is a local dental graduate, having done his studies at the University of Queensland. He has had over 10 years of practical experience, providing a wide range of services in the various fields of dentistry. He has a strong interest in Orthodontics (braces) and has an affinity treating young patients. Henry regularly attends a range of continuing education courses, and is very much up to date with his continuing professional development requirements.   Dr Henry is a long term member of the ADA (Australian Dental Association). He has also been involved with RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service), in a charity project that provides much needed dental treatment to villages in Nepal. He has also provided volunteer work in Brisbane through the National Dental Foundation.   Dr Henry enjoys spending time with his family and young daughter. They are often the reluctant subjects one of his other interests; photography. He likes to unwind by listening to comedy podcasts and tending to his growing collection of indoor plants.