Children's Dentistry

Gentle, friendly dentists make for happier kids and healthier teeth.

Healthier habits and happier smiles start with a good kids dentist

Whether you’re a new parent or have multiple kids, it’s essential to teach your children how to care for their teeth. Part of the journey towards good dental habits happens at home, and the rest happens here at Crestmead Dental!

Our team works to help your children develop healthy, straight smiles. As children’s dentists, our goal is to give your little ones healthy smiles and positive oral health habits for a lifetime. We make every visit enjoyable to keep your kids smiling all day long.

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A Dentist Office Where Your Kids Are Happy

We make it our duty to make your child’s every visit comfortable, fun and happy.


Also, we want you, as the parent, to feel comfortable in trusting us with your kids. We will discuss all procedures with you beforehand. If you’d like, we can schedule family appointments, so that your child can see you receive dental care and feel more comfortable in the dentist’s office.

Friendly Solutions that Work for Your Budget

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Crestmead Dental has proudly chosen to bulk bill children under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.


With the CDBS, each eligible child receives general dental treatment worth up to $1013 over two consecutive calendar years. We offer your child checkups, fillings, extractions, X-rays, and preventative fissure seals through the program. There’s no need for health insurance companies with bulk billing. To check eligibility, talk to one of our friendly staff members!

Why Childhood Check-Ups Matter

Childhood checkups are essential for multiple reasons. Though kids will be losing their baby teeth and growing adult teeth, issues can still arise beforehand. Your child should have their first appointment when their first baby tooth surfaces.


Many baby teeth develop decay and holes due to a lack of thorough brushing, and teeth can grow in overcrowded and funky alignments. Plus, kids are more prone to accidents that will damage or knock out their teeth. These reasons and more are why it is vital to schedule an appointment for your children at a young age.


We consider ourselves shepherds of your child’s dental health development. We work with you to instil healthy habits that will last for the rest of their lives.

Good Dental Habits Start Young

Taking your kids to the dentist every six months helps get them used to the experience and develop good habits into adulthood. Plus, our team loves to share tips to ensure their little teeth stay as clean as possible. If you’re ready to invest in your children’s dental health, please contact our team today and book an appointment!

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