Are you in need of dentures after tooth loss or removal?

If you’ve had a tooth removed or lost teeth due to an accident, dentures are an effective solution. When you’re missing teeth, it becomes difficult to eat, speak, and even smile. You deserve to have a smile you’re proud of and at Crestmead Dental, we make it possible.


Dentures are a cost-effective and simple way to get your mouth working properly again. They’re artificial teeth that replace any or all the teeth you may have lost. Our dentists at Crestmead Dental are here to offer a suitable denture solution that will return your smile to its natural state.


What kind of dentures are available for me?

At Crestmead Dental, we offer a variety of denture options fit for any individual. Typically, any kind of denture will be made from acrylic resin or lightweight metal. They are designed to look just like a full set of natural teeth. There are three different denture options available for you

Full dentures

These are used when you’ve lost all teeth in the lower or upper jaws, or both. They sit on your gum ridges and support your cheeks and lips.

Partial dentures

If you still have natural teeth remaining, these partial dentures will replace missing teeth. They’re held in place by clasps to your remaining teeth.

Implant-retained denture

These are supported with dental implants in your jawbone, as well as your gums. It’s an alternative to the full lower denture.

Get Custom-Fit Dentures at Crestmead Dental

Our dentists are trained to make dentures that are customized to fit your mouth. Though it may feel irritating at first for your existing teeth or gums, it’s easy for our professionals to make minor adjustments when necessary.


If you need dentures after a tooth extraction, it’s possible you may need to wait for your gums to heal before you begin using dentures fully.

Why Choose Crestmead Dental for Your Dentures?

Here’s why Crestmead Dental is the perfect place to get any kind of dentures

We provide many services to fit your needs. ​

We always offer a range of services for any of your dental health care necessities. Whether it’s general, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry, we’ve got you covered.

Our health care plans are personalized.​

All patients are different, which means they all have different needs. We’ll work with you on a unique plan to make sure your oral health needs are met.

Payment plans are available for any scenario.​

We accept many different payment forms at our office. Whether you have a bulk bill dental scheme for your child, a private health plan, or you just need a personalized payment plan, we want to accept the most comfortable method for you.

Our dentists understand anxiety. ​

That’s why we offer gentle, sensitive services appropriate for all ages and levels of comfort. We even provide nitrous oxide or IV sedation when necessary during your appointment.

Book a consultation online with us to discuss the best options for your oral health today!

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