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Whether you have an issue with your mouth that needs urgent attention or just want to maintain good oral hygiene habits, the first step is to find a dental clinic near you with a wide range of dependable services.

For those in the Marsden area and surrounding suburbs, Crestmead Dental is the perfect solution. With trusted professionals and the flexibility to treat patients with all kinds of issues and budgets, Crestmead Dental can save both your smile and your wallet.


Can Crestmead Dental save me money?


One of the main reasons people avoid or delay seeking dental care is their concern about the costs involved. It’s no secret that oral health care can be expensive, and for many of us it may seem unaffordable. However, at Crestmead Dental the philosophy is that bright, confident smiles are for everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

That’s why Crestmead Dental are happy to accept a variety of payment plans for your dental treatment plan. All you need to do is discuss your needs with the understanding team, and let them put together the best plan to suit you. From private health funds to interest free payments, Crestmead Dental will work around your circumstances to make sure you get the most out of our services.


What services do Crestmead Dental provide?


It doesn’t matter if you haven’t visited a clinic in years and simply need a dental check, or if you’d like a specific problem fixed, the dental services at Crestmead Dental are fully comprehensive.

General dental services include regular check ups and cleans, as well as common procedures like fillings, dentures, root canal, and wisdom teeth removal, but there are plenty of other options as well. Preventative, restorative, and cosmetic treatments are all available. For instance, if you’d like a whiter smile but don’t have the time or money to trial store-bought products, Crestmead Dental offer teeth whitening services which are guaranteed to bring the best results!

The team here have a long history of diagnosing and treating a broad range of dental issues, both simple and complex. This means they are very confident when it comes to soothing nervous patients, as well as anxious children. They also keep time free every day in the event of dental emergencies.


Where is Crestmead Dental?


The clinic is located at 55 Waratah Dr, in the Crestmead Central Shopping Complex – meaning there’s plenty of parking onsite! If you live near Marsden Park, Chambers Flat, Browns Plains or Park Ridge, it’s only a short drive with easy access via Waratah Drive.

Regardless of where you’re coming from or what your situation is, Crestmead Dental take all the stress out of your visits with a comfortable, modern clinic and caring staff. So if you’d like quality dental care at an affordable price, simply book online or phone (07) 3805 7765 to get started!

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Dr Henry Wong is a local dental graduate, having done his studies at the University of Queensland. He has had over 10 years of practical experience, providing a wide range of services in the various fields of dentistry. He has a strong interest in Orthodontics (braces) and has an affinity treating young patients. Henry regularly attends a range of continuing education courses, and is very much up to date with his continuing professional development requirements.   Dr Henry is a long term member of the ADA (Australian Dental Association). He has also been involved with RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service), in a charity project that provides much needed dental treatment to villages in Nepal. He has also provided volunteer work in Brisbane through the National Dental Foundation.   Dr Henry enjoys spending time with his family and young daughter. They are often the reluctant subjects one of his other interests; photography. He likes to unwind by listening to comedy podcasts and tending to his growing collection of indoor plants.