Tooth Replacement Marsden

Tooth Replacement Marsden

Tooth health plays a big role in overall oral health, and often our self-confidence depends on having good teeth. Missing teeth can cause several issues over time, and for many people, it stops them from smiling and enjoying life.

A missing tooth can create problems with speech and chewing food, as well as causing issues with the integrity of the jawbone. Sadly, many don’t realise just how important their teeth are until they have had to have them removed.

Gum disease, injuries, severe tooth decay and genetic conditions are the main causes for missing teeth, and as we near turning 50, many of us have permanently lost teeth; few people make it through life with all their original adult teeth in place. Teeth replacement is however possible, and it is a common dental treatment. When you have an experienced dental team, having your broken or missing teeth replaced is a straightforward process.


Why Do People Need Tooth Replacement?

Tooth replacement is often the best option when it comes to maintaining overall oral health, as well as boosting your self-confidence. There are many reasons that patients require tooth replacement, however, the common reasons are:


To Save Teeth from Shifting and Loosening

Having all your teeth ensures that they stay in their correct position.  Missing teeth may cause other teeth to shift and drift out of place, which in turn can cause gum disease, tooth decay, the need for partial dentures and a change in your biting habits.


To Save Your Face from Dramatic Change

We may not realise it, but our teeth help to make up our facial appearance. Tooth replacement can help minimise changes to your appearance that may make you look older than you are. This isn’t just related to your front teeth either – the loss of your back teeth can also change your facial appearance.


Boost Your Mental Health

The idea of missing teeth may be fun for young children, but it can certainly be irritating for an adult. Research has shown that missing teeth can cause changes in your speech pattern, which may shatter your confidence and cause mental health issues. Patients at Crestmead Dental who undergo dental implant surgery are able to speak normally, and maintain a natural look and feel in their mouth.


Saves You from TMJ Disorders

Tooth replacement can help save you from temporomandibular disorders (TMJ Disorders). These are the muscles on both sides of your head that help you chew food and rotate your jaw. Failure to replace missing teeth can cause severe TMJ pain.


How is a Tooth Replaced?

If you’ve lost a tooth, the first thing you should do is consult your dentist to check your remaining teeth and your gums. You may also like to discuss the various tooth replacement options available to you. Keep in mind that depending on your tooth loss and your oral health, the different options may or may not be available to you.


Removable Partial Denture

A common option for the replacement of one or more missing teeth is a partial denture. These dentures are attached to your remaining teeth with metal clasps. It is one of the more economical options, however, the clasps are visible when speaking or smiling.



A bridge is one of the best options if the other teeth surrounding the missing teeth are healthy. When a bridge is done, it is cemented into place, however, there is some work needed to the other teeth to ensure a long-lasting fix.


Dental Implants

Dental implants look like your natural teeth and the procedures ensures that your remaining teeth are not damaged in the process. The implant replaces the root of the missing tooth, so doesn’t require any work on the remaining teeth.

There is also the option of a temporary denture as a short-term solution, often for those teeth requiring a bridge or a dental implant, while some people decide not to do anything. It is important to remember though that if you do not replace a missing tooth, you are at risk of your other teeth shifting, as well as issues such as bone loss later in life.

If you’ve lost a tooth that needs replacing, call and speak to the friendly team at Crestmead Dental. We can explain all your options and help you choose the best procedure to fit your needs.

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Dr Henry Wong is a local dental graduate, having done his studies at the University of Queensland. He has had over 10 years of practical experience, providing a wide range of services in the various fields of dentistry. He has a strong interest in Orthodontics (braces) and has an affinity treating young patients. Henry regularly attends a range of continuing education courses, and is very much up to date with his continuing professional development requirements.   Dr Henry is a long term member of the ADA (Australian Dental Association). He has also been involved with RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service), in a charity project that provides much needed dental treatment to villages in Nepal. He has also provided volunteer work in Brisbane through the National Dental Foundation.   Dr Henry enjoys spending time with his family and young daughter. They are often the reluctant subjects one of his other interests; photography. He likes to unwind by listening to comedy podcasts and tending to his growing collection of indoor plants.